Recruitment information

lines for applicants   Terms and conditions
A few technicians for structure design
Starting salary
As specified by our salary terms
Qualification requirements
Technical school, university and technical college graduates
Annual raise
Once a year in April&Bonus plan
How to apply
By phone, and submission of required documents
Documents to be submitted
Resume with a photograph from the waist up, e-mail address and cell phone number
Personal statement
Work location
Graduation letter or certificate of graduation
Working hours
9:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Judging system
Documentary examination and interview Insurances and pension Health, industrial injury and employment insurances and welfare pension
Interview day
Applicants who passed the documentary examination will be notified.
Holidays and vacations
Two days off every week (Saturday and Sunday)
Public holidays, year-end through New Year holidays
Annual paid vacation: Six days for the first year
Ten days from the second yearUp to 14 days
Maternity leave and nursing leave are as required by law.
Interview location
Informal appointment
Within one week after the interview

Headquarters panorama
In office
Arranging room
1F entrance

Location where documents should be submitted

Attn: Mr. Hasegawa
Life Design Japan Co. Ltd.
Crystalresort tower 2F,
Fukuoka Japan
(phone: +81-92-433-8133) 18

If you would like to inquire regarding employment opportunities, please contact Mr. Hasegawa as above.

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